10 Habits Of Highly Successful People Leaders

10 Habits Of Highly Successful People Leaders

Being a successful people leader requires an undying desire to build meaningful relationships that will eventually contribute to the overall success of all your endeavours.

The era of traditional leadership wherein a leader’s worth was gauged based on the business goals that he or she was able to conquer has finally come to an end. People Leadership is being touted as the new, more effective version of Leadership, a style that focuses on teams and people who are part of those teams. Those who choose to embrace this style tend to spend most of their time and energy in developing people around them, steering team members towards a common target, and helping employees work at their highest possible potential. Such managers are often seen motivating people, helping them overcome personal and professional challenges, listening to their concerns and trying to work out ways to eliminate those issues, and helping them attain skills that give their careers an upward boost. If you too are an aspiring people leader, here are some habits of that you may want to emulate:

  1. Don’t Just Talk The Talk. Walk The Talk As Well. The most effective people leaders are appreciated by one and all for their ability to practice what they preach almost all the time. Such behaviour helps build long-lasting trustworthy relationships and lend a certain credibility to you as a leader.
  2. Be As Communicative As You Can Be. When you build robust lines of communication between you and your team members, people are assured that you can be reached out to whenever required. Be it practicing an open door policy or investing in an internal team communication app like the one created by Office Curry, a pro-communication strategy can help break the ice between you and people around you.
  3. Practice Complete Transparency. Everyone respects a leader who has nothing to hide. From sharing good as well as bad news with your team to making sure that employees have easy access to all the information that they need to perform their tasks well, transparent practices can be extremely rewarding in the long run. Communication apps can double as knowledge repositories to help people get relevant information whenever and wherever it is needed.
  4. Do Not Shy Away From Publicly Appreciating A Job Well Done. When you publicly appreciate a job well done, it instantly buttresses the value of positive work behaviours. Such recognition helps keep team members motivated and thereby leads to high overall productivity. If you are using a team communication app, it becomes easier for you to consistently laud those who are doing a good job even when they are not physically present in the same location as you.
  5. Act As A Buffer That Safeguards The Team From External Blows. An excellent leader often acts as a buffer to protect the rest of the team members from unpleasant jolts. Such a leader is also adept at foreseeing roadblocks or possible hiccups early on and raising a red flag before his or her teammates run into a sticky situation.
  6. Stop Loathing Difficult Conversations. Sometimes it becomes imperative for a leader to bring to light issues that are hampering the productivity of an employee. While in some cases these discussions can be unpleasant, do not shirk away from having them nonetheless. You may not know it but for some of  your team mates this feedback may be helpful in making vital course corrections.
  7. Delegate Well And Trust People With Tasks That Have Been Handed To Them. Micromanagement is not a term that can be associated with People Leadership. Those who subscribe to this form of leadership eschew over-interference. As a result, subordinates develop confidence in their ability to effectively complete tasks that they have been entrusted with.
  8. Build A Cross Functional Network. A good people leader is very well connected with his or her peers across functions and divisions. To solve complicated challenges sometimes it becomes essential for leaders to reach out to their counterparts.
  9. Set Very Clear Goals For Your Team – Ambiguous goals are the worst for your team’s productivity. Make sure that you have set crystal clear goals for all your team members. Also, whenever they have queries or concerns regarding these goals make yourself available for providing clarity.
  10. Never Go Back On Commitments. If you have said you are going to do something, make sure to follow up on it without fail. Not showing up for one on one discussions is one example of not following up on a commitment. If you are unable to attend such a meeting, at least reschedule it.

All these habits not only brand you as a people centric leader across your organisation but also positively impacts the bottom line of your business. Therefore, investing in all the tools and technologies that will help you move towards your goal of becoming a people leader is a prudent decision.

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