5 Ways to Encourage Knowledge Sharing In Your Team

5 Ways to Encourage Knowledge Sharing In Your Team

A siloed work ethos can spell doom for any organization. Knowledge is a life force that needs to flow continually and uninhibitedly through the veins of a company to ensure that its pulse stays strong and healthy. Within any workforce, each individual brings a specific know-how to the table, thus contributing to the overall cache of skill and experience. Teams that foster an open, interconnected culture stand to gain the most from such a diversely skilled employee base. Unfortunately, though, knowingly or unknowingly, often knowledge tends to stagnate in pools making every task way more cumbersome than it needs to be. Here are some ways in which managers and team leaders can break the invisible barriers that interrupt the exchange of ideas and encourage their employees to work collaboratively to crack complex conundrums at work.

  1. Create A Conversation-Friendly Work Environment – The physical structure and layout of your workplace and the technological tools that you offer can both help create a work environment that encourages collaborative innovation and problem-solving. Inviting nooks and corners that serve as open discussion spaces sprinkled all over the office are a good start. Similarly, introducing tools like mobile applications that are built to support internal team communications can help bring all kinds of employees together including those who are always on the road or work from home for the most part of the work week. 
  2. Make Knowledge Sharing A Cool Concept – By tagging rewards, tangible or intangible, to knowledge-sharing initiatives, you can motivate more and more employees to participate in this movement. Through a mobile communication app it is possible for management to publicly appreciate those who actively contribute to knowledge repositories, lead successful cross-functional projects, and extend their help to others on a regular basis. Such recognition can stimulate an increase in knowledge exchange throughout your organization. 
  3. Allow Business Goals To Be Easily Accessible – When employees have a good understanding of the overall goals and are aligned with them, there is a better chance of them being more  forthcoming. Helping each other to achieve the larger goal makes much more sense when each individual knows how he or she is contributing. In such an environment people are often seen helping absolute strangers within the organization in a bid to ensure that things work well for the company as a whole. Using a mobile team app it is possible to publish periodic reports so that each employee has access to them.
  4. Provide Regular Reaction – Giving constructive feedback to your employees especially when it comes to knowledge-sharing initiatives is an absolute must. People often need some direction to continue on projects that either require them to seek help from a co-worker or assist one. Let all the employees have the ability to use your entire toolbox of collaboration tools so that they are better equipped to work in a cohesive fashion. 
  5. Encourage Cross-Functional Partnership – There is no better way to foster a culture of knowledge-sharing than by motivating each and every employee to be a part of a cross-divisional project. Such projects help rupture silos, nurture intra-team interaction, cultivate a feeling of sharing, and build stronger ties. A team communication app can be an ideal tool to support such projects as it offers real time functionalities and can be used to communicate even with those people who are not physically present in the same office. 

Office Curry offers a team communication system that can be both app-based as well as web-based. It comprises of state-of-the-art tools that can help you and your teams work more collaboratively and tap each and every mind available within the organization’s workforce to come up with solutions that are creative, innovative, and truly effective.

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