4 Reasons Good Employees Lose Their Motivation

4 Reasons Good Employees Lose Their Motivation

Teams that are fortunate enough to have a majority of members who are continually motivated and highly enthusiastic to achieve the goals set out for them are becoming rarer to find these days. Unfortunately, the ability to hit the ground running when a project or a task is assigned and stay the course without losing steam is becoming a diminishing skill. What is motivation at work, one might ask. It is the ability to focus on the job without paying heed to external and internal distractions, keeping procrastination at an arm’s length, and being able to don one’s thinking hat and use all the mental prowess that one has to find solutions that are not just workable but also most efficient. While the thought of having team members who possess all these skills on your team is an exciting thought, every manager should know that even when you do get such people it is imperative to ensure that they do not lose their motivation with time.

To make sure that your most motivated employees do not cross over to the other side, you must first understand the reasons that lead up to such an event.

  1. Inability to Operate Freely – Every person needs a certain degree of empowerment to be able to work well. High performers, more than anyone else, need their space to work in. It is only when they have the liberty to work without their manager constantly breathing down their back that they are able to let their creative juices flow, thus producing fantastic results. On the contrary, frequent interference from the boss can make such people lose their ability to stay motivated and give their whole and soul to the work at hand. A great communication app that allows delegation of work and remote monitoring of progress can help managers avoid micro management and, therefore, keep such a situation at bay.
  2. Lack Of Recognition – If a manager is quick to point out mistakes in the work done and is not equally generous with words of praise, then employees end up losing motivation quickly. Be quick in noticing and publicly appreciating a job well done. If you work with remote teams or are constantly travelling yourself, try a team communication app like the one created by Office Curry to at least send regular shout-outs to those who have done well. You can also consider creating a process to reward people in your team so that they feel appreciated and are charged to do better.
  3. A Mismatch Between Aspirations And Assignments – Often, employees lose motivation at work when they are assigned work that they don’t really care for. A person may aspire to build his or her skill in a certain area but they keep getting tasks that are not from this area. Soon enough such people are bound to lose their ability to perform such tasks. Regular conversations with you staff can help you pry out such feeling much before they snowball into something much more destructive. Using a team app to communicate with your team members frequently and in a planned manner can help you keep them engaged for long.
  4. Low Team Spirit – Teams in which people are not communicating well or are working in silos rarely produce good results. Such teams also have a problem retaining motivated employees because no one is happy working amidst people who couldn’t care less about their co-workers. Effective team communication is the key when it comes to avoiding losing star performers. Invest in a team communication app like the one built by Office Curry to help your team members interact with each other, seek each other’s help, and build healthy relationships at work.

If you too are grappling with an issue of low team motivation, ponder over the points mentioned above and try putting into action some of the suggested solutions. In most cases at least one of your interventions will do the trick and you will never have to worry about having to work with a demotivated team again.

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