5 Mistakes That Cost ECommerce Company Sales

5 Mistakes That Cost ECommerce Company Sales

In the age of the internet, everyone is keen on jumping on to the ecommerce bandwagon. However, before you join this set of eager beavers, it is vital to be aware of, and skirt some common yet deadly mistakes that can lead to loss of sales and a complete nullification of all your efforts towards building a successful ecommerce enterprise.

A few months ago I met a young entrepreneur who was in the process of creating a digital footprint for her fledgling enterprise through a fabulous website. She was excited about her new foray into the world of ecommerce and couldn’t stop gushing about it. I wished her well and promised to check out the website and the products as soon as she had set it all up. A few weeks later, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was browsing through some of my favourite online shops when I came across her website and decided to give it a look. While her products were fantastic and made me sit up and take notice, her website was lacking on several fronts. When I met her again after a few days, she confessed that her ecommerce segment wasn’t doing as well as she had expected. I sat her down and shared with her my feedback as a customer as well as a digital marketeer to help her understand why her sales were not picking up even though she had spent so much effort, time and thought on establishing an online presence.

Most business owners believe that creating a website and offering their products online is a sure shot way to reel in more customers and hike sales. In their haste to digitise their business, these naïve entrepreneurs fail to factor in some critical aspects and end up making mistakes that are suicidal for their business. Here are the top 5 mistakes that all ecommerce aspirants should be wary of from the word go:

  1. Failure To Take Steps That Will Drive Traffic To Your Website – Simply building a website is not enough. Once you have created a beautiful and easy-to-navigate online store, take appropriate measures to ensure that your target shoppers are able to find you easily. Rope in social media influencers to help you market your store. Use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word around. If you do not take any of these steps, your website is bound to get lost amongst the 4.4 billion websites that populate the ocean-like world wide web.
  2. Inability to Simplify The Checkout Process – Nothing is more annoying for an online shopper than a website that makes him or her jump through hoops during checkout. A long and tedious checkout process is one of the top three reasons for cart abandonment, a scenario that negatively affects ecommerce businesses of all kinds. It is, therefore, imperative to pay attention to how the checkout procedure is designed so that it is hassle-free, allowing shoppers to easily buy their chosen products.
  3. Ineffective Customer Service Due To Lack Of Internal Communication – Since online shoppers do not have the advantage of discussing their problems face to face with a store executive, they tend to bank on virtual customer service features like chat and 24*7 hotline numbers to seek order-related assistance. However, if various internal departments are not connected through a robust communication framework, customer service teams will not be able to retrieve all the relevant information needed to help customers. Using a mobile communication app like the one offered by Office Curry can help ease the flow of information between teams and thus contribute towards better customer service.
  4. Levying Shipping Charges – Ninety percent of the online shoppers consider free shipping as an incentive that pushes them into making purchases. If you are adding shipping charges to orders of all sizes, then you are losing a large percentage of potential customers. If you are not in a position to cut out shipping costs for all orders, at least set a limit beyond which you offer free shipping. This way you will be able to keep customers attracted.
  5. Lack of Ample Social Validation – Dearth of social proof in the form of positive testimonials from previous customers can turn off potential customers. Today, most online shoppers check for feedback and rating given by other customers before they decide to make a purchase from any online store. Therefore, it is critical for an ecommerce business owner to publish these proofs at a prominent location on his or her website.

If you too are moving in the direction of digitising your business by placing it on the internet, make sure that you focus on putting up excellent content which helps you qualify for a high search engine ranking and on optimising your site such that visitors find it easy to navigate and useful. Investing in SEO techniques can help improve your website’s searchability and steer large quantities of good quality traffic towards it.

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