Best Way To Increase Productivity And Efficiently Manage Employee Collaboration

Best Way To Increase Productivity And Efficiently Manage Employee Collaboration

Too often, we see that communication in an organisation tends to become top-down. The primary focus shifts from solving a problem to implementing orders. Which then leads to employers spending a lot of time in tracking conversations and managing employees.

Well, communication is a two-way street. It is also one of the cornerstones for bringing about organisational change.

Useful, frank discussions will not only enable valuable feedback from your employees but also help increase productivity levels. For when you put in place reforms and ideas shared by others, it encourages more people to come forward and take ownership.

Get everyone on board

Office Curry is a team communication app. It is the exact opposite of desktop-based communication solutions which may or may not have a mobile app. Office Curry is a mobile app that has desktop support for enabling real-time communication. The logic is simple, not everyone has a desktop in your organisation, but everyone has a smartphone.

Access Relevant Resources

Office Curry gives you instant access to the personnel on the job. For instance, in a hospitality setup, a hotel manager can communicate directly with the housekeeping staff on duty. Which otherwise would have required routing the communication through the housekeeping department’s backend. This kind of quick access to relevant resources helps in getting things done quickly and more efficiently.

Enable Instructive Communication

Keeping track of trail mails is one of the most cumbersome tasks for every manager and employee. Quite often, things get lost in translation when the communication trails become top or bottom-heavy. Office Curry’s structured communication streamlines reporting and implementation, helping you skip the miscellaneous and speed-up the important.

Enhance Credibility & Feedback

The credibility of direction is vital for effective in-house communication. When the management connects directly with staff or personnel, the task at hand gains priority and alacrity. Which, in turn, ensures timely implementation, quality control and feedback. Office Curry helps in adding credibility to every conversation at every level. For instance, when the hotel manager assigns a task to the housekeeping assistant, everyone in-between becomes aware and can then keep tabs on the progress.

With the right implementation, Office Curry has the potential to transform your in-house communication. The real beauty of the Office Curry app lies in its simplicity. The chat-like setup is easier to understand and helps you onboard more people. Even older employees who do not understand computers can sign-up and start contributing.

Ready to give Office Curry a try? Download the app on your Android or iOS device and sign-up. It’s free for organisations with up to 20 employees.

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