Establishing Wellness Programs At The Workplace Using Mobile Communication Apps

Establishing Wellness Programs At The Workplace Using Mobile Communication Apps

The one asset that has the potential to make or break any business is its human resources. Therefore, the health and wellness of employees is of utmost importance when it comes to ascertaining sustained productivity and profitability. Unfortunately, in today’s modern work environment in which sedentary jobs are prevalent, a much higher percentage of the workforce is falling prey to chronic illnesses that keep them away from the workplace for extended periods. In addition to physical ailments, many mental maladies too afflict office goers, especially as a result of prolonged work stress. What’s more, many people work remotely, making it all the more difficult for their supervisors to discern their growing angst.

An internal communication app can be a very effective tool when it comes to successfully implementing health and wellness programs. Here are some ways in which such a system can be used to encourage employees to lead healthier lives:

  1. To Gather Employee Feedback – A wellness program built on the basis of inputs given by employees has a higher chance of being received well as opposed to others. A mobile communication app can help managers seek suggestions on topics like – frequency of breaks, facilities needed in relaxation rooms, and modifications in the work environment. Changes can be made using these ideas so that employee engagement and participation is maximized. ‘Mobile Apps Can Help Collate Employee Inputs Regarding Workplace Wellness Initiatives’
  2. To Schedule Follow-Up Checks – Once wellness initiatives are put in place, most companies find it tough to gauge their effectiveness. Team apps can come to the rescue here as well. Automated surveys that aim at extracting such information from employees can be rolled out using a communication app. Alterations to existing facilities can be made based on the responses received. ‘Team Apps Can Help Quantify The Effectiveness Of Wellness  Initiatives’
  3. To Share Information – Sharing details of wellness initiatives with all the employees becomes a much easier task when you use a mobile communication app. Information regarding group counselling sessions, yoga classes, meditation groups, and other similar offerings provided by the company can be disseminated in a jiffy using such an app. Needless to say, when people are well informed about such programs, participation is bound to be high. ‘Communication Apps Are Great At Disseminating Wellness-Related Information’
  4. To Emphasize The Importance Of Good Health – Frequent informational messages that provide tips about how to maintain good health can be sent using a mobile team app. Such messages motivate employees to imbibe healthy habits that keep them away from diseases and allow them to lead happier, healthier lives. Such information can also be stored in the cloud-based storage system of the app so that it can be accessed easily whenever needed. ‘Underlining The Benefits Of Good Health Becomes Easier With Team Apps’
  5. To Enable Managers To Stay Connected With Their Team Members – Managers find it very difficult to keep a track of the health of  team members who work remotely or are always on the move. Face-to-face interactions with such employees is limited, making it harder for managers to quickly pick up signs of depression or anxiety. A team app makes this task a tad bit simpler by allowing managers to communicate with all their subordinates in real-time continually. ‘Supervisors Can Keep A Tab On Their Employees’ Health With A Team App’

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