How Internal Communication Apps Can Help Enhance Workplace Safety

How Internal Communication Apps Can Help Enhance Workplace Safety

For most of us, the safety and security quotient of a workplace usually tops the list of parameters against which we gauge its appeal. Needless to say, a safe work environment is all the more crucial when it comes to the manufacturing industry especially when we talk about the shop floor setup where heavy machinery is operated on a constant basis. When employees know that they are safe at their place of work, they are able to concentrate completely on the task at hand without worrying about lurking dangers. Such employees are way more productive as compared to those who are constantly working in fear, trying to find workarounds that can keep them safe.

While most organizations in this industry establish practices and procedures that help pull down workplace risk, such measures often come at a hefty price in the form of lowered operational efficiency. The additional checks and balances installed to curb the probability of potential calamities, eat into the time allotted to complete the job. As a result, the profits too take a beating. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to find tools and methods that can help you strike a balance between proper workplace safety and operational efficiency so that both aspects are well taken of.

Such a balanced approach can be implemented only with the help of an effective internal communication app that allows management to disseminate information regarding safety protocols to all employees instantly and enables employees to access information related to workplace safety at the click of a button. Here are some ways in which a team communication app can help hike the safety quotient of any manufacturing entity:

    1. Enables Leadership Teams To Emphasize The Importance of Safety Protocols. Using a team communication app, management can showcase the safety-related industry best-practices that have been adopted to ascertain the security of each and every employee. When such information reaches the workforce regularly, it helps bolster the employees’ faith in the company’s safety and security strategy. It also encourages employees to practice the safety protocols the way they are expected to so as to avoid calamitous outcomes.


    1. Improves The Accessibility Of Training Documents And Policy Guidelines. Safety notices that need to be brought to the attention of all employees can be sent instantly using a mobile communication app. Such a system also gives the sender an idea of how many people have actually read the information sent. At the end of the day such notices as well as other documentation related to safety procedures and practices can be uploaded in the cloud-based repository supported by the tool.


    1. Allows You To Send Immediate Notifications In A Crisis. Sometimes, in a crisis, reaching out to a large group of employees becomes quite a difficult task. In such a situation you can use a team app to warn employees in advance about any kind of looming trouble, thus giving them heads up and helping them prepare themselves to brave the upcoming storm. You can even notify them of existing gaps in security processes that can cause problems in future.


  1. Helps Administer Safety Quizzes And Polls – Following safety norms is a habit that cannot be inculcated overnight. A constant assertion of the importance of complying with safety procedures is required to embed such behaviour in all employees. Regular spot quizzes and polls are one way of doing this. A mobile team app can be used to set up employee polls that can help keep safety practices in the forefront all the time.

Office Curry offers internal communication tools that can help emphasize the criticality of safety and security policies. These tools can also help management teams handle crisis situations better by making team communications smoother, faster, and real-time.


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