Top HR Trends to watch in 2018

Top HR Trends to watch in 2018

Human Resource department is lifeblood of every company. In good times, this division is considered as being too “soft” and more of a provider of shoulder to cry on. On the other hand, at the time of crisis, HR becomes more ubiquitous in maintaining company’s reputation, dealing issues in the corporate governance and being competitive during the trade. HR, a strategic and business-critical part of a firm is the pioneer in leading way to measure employee’s performance goals, career paths, and identifying new talent.

With increase adaptation of human resources (HR) software, 2018 offers to have some absolute changes to the HR landscape that you need to know to work smarter.

Keeping employee happy is the Mantra

With growing millennial population in the office and increasing transparency due to the digitization, employees don’t work only to get monetary benefit but they are seeking superior work experience that may leverage the creativity and talent. When the new focus is on to provide excellent employee experience, HR is using new technology, feedback tools, employee wellness app and other internal communication channels to advance better work experience.

Digital emblements of HR

Technologies such as AI, ML, chatbot, have disrupted the HR process. It has effectively reduced time and efforts of recruitment practices. A digitally enabled HR process has utilized social, mobile, video and cloud technologies to gain more accurate strategic insights about candidates experience and leverage employer branding. Many businesses were using Chatbot in customer service and support. But this year, HR Chatbots are gaining popularity. Now, we can see how these chatbots assist HR professionals in creating the candidate profile, tracking job application process, answer questions and provide feedback and dealing with HR requirements.

Promoting workplace wellness

These days everyone is becoming fitness freak. People are giving ‘fitness challenges’ to each other on social media and other channels.

Employee’s mental and physical well being can be improved by facilitating physical activity interventions in the office setting. HR departments are realizing the importance of keeping personal and financial stress away from employees. Many companies are designing wellness programs to encourage employees to leave the work behind the office doors.

Future in Employee Self- Service

HR can easily avoid most of its paperwork with use of Employee Self Service (ESS) portals. These portals are meant to enable employees to organize their personal information. The current trend shows that HR professionals fathom that the use of ESS is essential to keep up with worker’s fast-paced, mobile lifestyle.

No more bans on social collaboration

Companies are encouraging their staff to use social media to talk with coworkers in order to empower collaboration and knowledge sharing. Social collaboration can improve internal connectivity hence can improve the work experience. It allows proactive team culture to build within an organization where all participants need to find ways to cut down their technological, cultural and geographical barriers.

Integrating people analytics

It is a very major emerging trend in HR. Many companies can achieve an important organizational goal by using people analytics dashboards/ or models. These models are capable of bridging the communication gap between leaders and workers. This analysis can be used to interpret all aspects of HR with the goal to assist leaders to take better decisions.

Growing demand for remote workers

Despite challenges, many people prefer to work remotely. Plenty of surveys and studies have confirmed that remote workers are more productive than the office worker. Remote workers are beneficial for both employee and employers.

With the availability of fast Internet connection, employees can save time, money and remain productivity while working from home. Whereas employers can get their work done in the certain time frame, they don’t have to pay fixed salary and save on office rental.

Bottom line

These days businesses around the world are facing skills crisis like never before. Organizations, and HR and the top management require technology to speed the way company works, so that they can free up their time to offer great work experiences for their employees– not slow them down.

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