Why Every Sales Team Needs A Knowledge Management Solution

Why Every Sales Team Needs A Knowledge Management Solution

Sales teams often work under tremendous pressure. Be it tight deadlines, tough targets, or unconvinced clients there is always an invisible sword dangling over their heads. In such a situation, an intuitive and up to date knowledge management solution can make their lives much easier and also help them bag many more new clients.

In the cut throat world of sales, the biggest advantage that one can have is access to all the knowledge needed to make a fantastic pitch and to convince the client that what is being sold is truly what he or she needs. There are three pieces of this puzzle and only those who have all three together can ace the game. These three pieces are – a) deep knowledge of the products being sold, b) sales training to be able to sell effectively, c) deep knowledge of the target audience. Organisations understand the need for this knowledge flow and, therefore, most of them are investing in knowledge management applications that can help sales representatives function more effectively. Here are some of the reasons why such a repository is essential for the success of every sales team –

  1. Giving Sales Teams Access to The Organisation’s Value Proposition – Whether one likes it or not, sales teams are the first point of contact between an organisation and its most treasured assets – customers. It is, therefore, of paramount importance that these people have a clear understanding of what the company has to offer and how it is different from what the competitors are offering. A knowledge repository that has updated information of the company’s value proposition and related sales collateral can serve as a very helpful tool for sales teams; thus making them much more effective at convincing customers.
  2. Acting As A Safe And Reliable Storage Space For Important Files – Sales teams are, more often than not, swamped with a humungous pile of information especially in the form of outreach documentation, presentations, training material, customized responses, list of leads, and other similar data heavy files. Having access to such documentation at all times and ensuring that it is stored in a safe and unbreachable location is very critical. A knowledge database helps achieve both the criteria mentioned above along with making it much easier and faster for people to find what they are looking for.
  3. Encouraging Cross-Divisional Collaboration – Sales teams need to work in close coordination with various other internal departments to execute a perfect sale pitch and to eventually bag a new client. For instance, marketing teams work day and night to understand the target demographics. They create content that outlines the aspirations and necessities of the customer base. It is vital for the sales teams to have access to such content so that they can mould their sales pitch accordingly. Similarly, the legal team should be kept in the loop as well to avoid any future problems especially in cases where contracts are being signed. A knowledge management system allows all content to be stored in a single location so that it can be accessed by the sales teams whenever required.
  4. Collecting And Studying Data To Gain Insights – Customer feedback is a gold mine of information that can give sales teams enough food for thought to make their next pitch a success. Getting hold of the information and organizing it in a way that it can be easily understood and analysed is just one part of the game. The other part involves ensuring that the information is stored in an accessible location so that everyone can use it to their advantage. Here is where a good knowledge management system comes into the picture.

A system that is fully responsive which means that it can be accessed on any type of device, is perfect as a knowledge repository. Team apps like the one created by Office Curry serve multiple purposes.  Such an app can be used as an efficient knowledge databank along with being an excellent tool for enhancing intra-team communication. Moreover, since it is accessible using a smartphone, Ofifce Curry’s communication app is ideal for all kinds of sales people, including those who are always on the go.

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