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Get everyone on the same page.

Email is broken, and we can help! Email doesn’t deliver on modern day real-time collaboration needs. Companies nowadays use email only for external communication or for making announcements to employees. Let’s face it – email is now passé.


Office Curry organizes and simplifies all your employee communication, including for non-desk workers

  • Communicate and collaborate all in one place
  • Motivate employees by celebrating their achievements
  • Connect with your entire workforce or engage with them individually
  • Simplify your new employee on-boarding by keeping .


Quite frankly, you’ll never feel the need to use internal email, ever.

Get Office Curry!



In-office and mobile workforce that travels to multiple locations


Feet on Street personnel doing site Installations and project management


Employees with limited access to computers, email and intranet








Polls & Meetings



The benefits of a web interface are obvious for in-office users. Office Curry carries the simplicity of the mobile app to an uber-cool web application. Switch between devices seamlessly and securely.



FeaturesOffice CurryWhatsAppEmail
Corporate email ID requiredNoNoYes
Access to past discussionsYes
Tasks, Meetings & PollsYesNoNo
Missed post remindersYes
Company DirectoryYes
Digital NoticeboardYes
Automatic data backupYes
No group size limitationsYes
HR Administration & AnalyticsYes


Neil G.

Neil G.

GM of a small hotel chain

Office Curry’s structured teams and multilingual support helped us connect 800+ workers across 5 hotels and communicate with the staff we could never reach. Everyone now has access to the training manuals & policies
Natasha K.

Natasha K.

HR Head at a large hospital

Doctors & nurses are busy with patients and unreachable during the day. Now they catch up with hospital messages offline, during breaks or at home. We were able to recognize the performers in our “Employee of the Month” program.
Jay T.

Jay T.

Manager at a midsize construction firm

Office Curry helps me track the attendance and activity of my workers across multiple sites. They don’t need to come to the office for paperwork. Our workers feel motivated and connected even on their low-cost phones.

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Our perspectives on how progressive companies engage their employees with impactful communication

About Us

The key to the success of any great corporation is communication. We at Office Curry realized that many companies struggle to create a common platform to connect all their staff, especially those who don’t have access to a computer or email. Our powerful mobile based app is a modern way for companies to reach out to their employees easily and share relevant information.

We are driven to put in place a great product that will not only enhance the way companies communicate internally but also improve their overall productivity.

Office Curry

Companies are challenged with engaging an agile and distributed workforce and getting them to participate in the growth of the company. Human Resources is unable to gauge the employee morale and take their feedback as an input to evolving company strategy and policies. Office Curry has been started with the goal of helping companies organize the communication between the in-office employees, mobile workers as well as contract labour. Our mobile app puts together employee conversations, staff directories and important documents, all in a single place!
Office Curry
Office Curry3 days ago
For higher productivity it's crucial to keep a track of trail mails so no-one misses any important team information.

#OfficeCurry structured communication streamlines reporting and implementation, helps you skip the miscellaneous and speed-up the important. Read more tips:

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Office Curry
Office Curry6 days ago
Are you spending most of your time tracking conversations and managing employees? We have a way to help you become more productive, read on:

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Office Curry
Office Curry1 week ago
Set the goals high enough to get you out of bed every morning. People with the goals succeed because they know where they are going.
And then set new ones. That is how you grow!

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Office Curry
Office Curry1 week ago
If you’re looking to increase #employeeengagement and improve #collaboration in the workplace, a TEAM COOK-OFF is the way to go.

Food is a great opportunity to bring people together. By introducing a competitive component to the cook-off, you can enable employees to apply their #teamwork and #communicationskills in a fun new way at work. At the end of each cook-off, let the team enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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Office Curry
Office Curry2 weeks ago
We all can agree that communication is the key foundation of all the businesses but how to get all the teams 'n departments on the same page to increase #productivity? That's where #OfficeCurry helps:

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Office Curry
Office Curry2 weeks ago
Tasks that seem tedious through mails or meetings, get easier with a #teamcollaboration app. New technology promises to make management simple and efficient. Try #officecurry app now!

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